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Blackjack Strategy for single or multi deck play

Simply based on odds, our blackjack strategy is mathematical in its approach. Following our strategy means that you play with the odds in your favour (very slightly). Remember to approach the casino and confirm the number of decks that are in play. To the best of our knowledge, only Cryptologic casinos offer 1 deck blackjack. You can try any of:

(For single deck play):

(For multi deck play):

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Poker Strategy

There are various strategies for the different types of poker. Here is a brief summary of the strategies:

  • Five of the total seven cards are viewable on the second round of betting. This gives you a good idea of how strong your final hand could be
  • To complete a possible winning combination, it is important to consider how the five community cards interact with your hidden hand
  • Fold when necessary. You haven’t lost much if you have a worthless hand and decide to fold early in the game

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Video Poker Strategy

Video poker has experienced enormous gains in popularity. Today it is played by more people in casinos than any other game except slots. Many are turning to video poker because, unlike slots, a player’s knowledge and skill can affect the outcome of the game. Video poker machines not only provide you with hours of entertainment, expert video poker play can put your payoff expectations at close to 100%! A word of advice – play as many coins as possible (within your budget, obviously!).

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