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After many hours of scouring the net, the local library, and a few friends brains, I have come to the conclusions that the exact history of video poker is as clear as the muddy waters of the Mississippi! The origin of the word could be from pukka (a Hindu word), poque (a French word for a French game), or pochspiel (a German word). It is better thus to simply see that when Charles Fey invented the slot machine in the late 1800’s, it was logical that the game of poker would follow suit. Draw poker to be exact. Early machines were known as drop card machines and had 5 reels of 20 cards each. This left 2 cards outstanding, an advantage for the house of course, because the missing cards were generally 10’s or better! That is half the chances of landing a royal! Of course, Fey et al had mechanical machines which made the complex payouts from true draw poker impractical to manage. Besides, it was only in 1897 that the court ruled the machines legal so up to that point, video poker payouts were in the form of cigars and drinks!

The first true video poker machines arrived with the video chip. It was only in the late 1970’s that the machines that we love to play saw the light of day. Advanced computerisation has seen the games escalated to heights unprecedented. You can now play 4 hand, 10 hand, 25 hand, 50 hand, and even 100 hand video poker! Also take note that the majority of the online casinos also offer free online video poker when playing as a guest at their casino.

One good thing about video poker games though is that there are mathematical probabilities, this of course due to the fact that there are a finite number of winning combinations and a fixed number of cards. To help come to grips with this strategy, we have prepared a video poker strategy page.

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